Welcome to Ash Prairie Farms

We currently have 41 does in our breeding herd and continuously expanding. 

100% New Zealand / American Purebred Kiko Goats

Commercial Kiko Goats

Our mission is to improve the kiko genetics of our herd and the kiko bloodline in general.  We are constantly looking to improve our herd, working towards improving genetics, and creating some of the most hearty meat goats available. We keep records of all of our goats. We believe that having to much data is not a bad thing and we use that data to improve our herd. We have strict requirements for when we look at registering breeding stock. Most will not make the cut and we won’t register just any goat. We have set criteria that each individual goat will need to meet and or exceed. Wean weights, yearly weights, FAMACHA scoring, body conditioning and structure, and more. Our potential future breeding stock will undergo on farm parasite resistance tests in order to be considered for future breeding stock. Does will need to have a 1×1 teat structure and give birth unassisted. All goats must respect the fences and guard dogs, have a great temperament, minimal to no deworming, and be all around low maintenance in health including hoof care.

We vaccinate our herd annually for CD/T. Kids will get 2 rounds with the first being 8-12 weeks and then a follow up booster 3-4 weeks after the initial dose. 

Please feel free to look around our site and see some of our breeding stock, offspring, and guardians


Ash Prairie Farms is a small veteran-owned farm in Greenwood County, Kansas. The farm is run by my wife, Tawnee Ash, and myself, Dustin Ash, and we have lived here since 2020. We are both prior-enlisted veterans looking to promote small-scale farming as a sustainable business model incorporating fun, relaxation, and enjoyment. We want to raise healthy and robust livestock to deliver quality meat and breeding stock to the community. Slowly and steadily improving our farm each year will allow us to increase the quality and quantity of breeding stock and commercial goats. Right now, we plan to improve our herd genetics while we improve our farm.