Guardian Dogs

Angel & Poopers

Angel and her playful pup, Poopers, form an inseparable duo on our cozy farmstead, where they serve as the devoted guardians of our beloved goats. With Angel’s seasoned wisdom and Poopers’ youthful exuberance, they make for an unstoppable team, patrolling the small acreage with unmatched dedication. While Angel maintains a watchful eye over the herd with her steady presence and reassuring demeanor, Poopers bounds alongside her, eager to learn the ways of protection and guardianship. Together, they navigate the fields and pastures, ensuring the safety and well-being of our cherished goats. In their shared mission, Angel and Poopers embody the timeless bond between mother and pup, their unity a testament to the enduring spirit of loyalty and companionship that defines the noble Great Pyrenees breed.


Missy, our steadfast Great Pyrenees, epitomizes the essence of loyalty and protection on our modest farmstead. With a coat as soft as freshly spun wool and eyes as wise as the seasoned farmers who tend to the land, Missy is the guardian angel of our cherished goats. In the confines of our small acreage, she patrols with purpose, her graceful gait covering every inch of the terrain with a watchful eye and a vigilant nose. Whether it’s a coyote’s howl in the distance or the rustle of the wind through the crops, Missy remains ever-alert, her devotion unwavering as she ensures the safety and well-being of her precious charges. Amidst the tranquility of our farm, Missy’s presence is a reassuring constant, a testament to the timeless bond between human and canine, and a reminder of the invaluable role she plays in safeguarding our livelihood.


Missy In the heart of the vast Kansas prairie, there roams a guardian unlike any other – Mac, the Great Pyrenees. With a coat as white as the cotton clouds that drift across the endless blue skies, Mac stands tall and proud, watching over his beloved herd of goats with unwavering dedication. From dawn till dusk, he patrols the open plains, his powerful strides covering great distances as he surveys the land for any signs of danger. With each gentle nudge and reassuring bark, Mac guides his goats through the rolling grasslands, protecting them from the elements and any lurking threats that may arise. In the quiet solitude of the prairie, Mac’s presence is a beacon of safety and security, embodying the timeless bond between man and his loyal canine companion.



Soldier, the stalwart Great Pyrenees, commands his domain with a regal air on our quaint farmstead. With a mane as white as freshly fallen snow and a gaze as sharp as the edge of a plow, Soldier is the unwavering sentinel of our cherished goats. His allegiance is unwavering, but his affections lie solely with the vast expanse of the big pasture, where he roams with purpose and pride. With each deliberate step, Soldier patrols the perimeter of his territory, ensuring that no intruder dare encroach upon his domain. Despite his stoic demeanor, his love for his goats is evident in the gentle way he nudges them into safety and the watchful eye he casts upon them as they graze. In the solitude of the big pasture, Soldier’s presence is an emblem of protection and security, a guardian whose devotion knows no bounds.